Monday, March 25, 2013

Shoe Craving

I know, I know. . . before you ream my ass about it I know I've been gone for forever! I'm not back just yet but I've still been peaking at my favorite sites and eying my favorite bloggers blogs. I'm not completely back on my A game but I'm jogging to catch up. Speaking of jogging, that makes you think of shoes right? Well, it does for me. . . and boy have I been having a shoe craving. I've been buying nothing but shoes for the last couple of weeks whenever I get the chance to (after the responsibilities are paid off first of course haha). Thought I'd post a some of the shoes I've been wanting or that I've checked off of my to get list. Hope you enjoy and I hope you're all having a good life out there in bloggersphere.
(see a pattern here? lol. If a made a post of all the sneakers I've been wanting or have already gotten, we'd be here all day so I'll spare you the agony for now).

Sabine Oh.