Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vogue Spain - May 2011 issue

How beautiful are these photos!!!! It's moments like these that make me wish one of two things: 1) I was a model and/or 2) I was the photographer responsible for these photographs! These also show why I have such a strong love for black clothing, you can never go wrong. Black can be classy and girly and edgy and rebellious. The model, Izabel Goulart, definitely did a great job and I plan to now follow her career more ^_^ Hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I do. . . and have a great day. Today is the anniversary of Robert Nesta Marley's (Bob Marley) death so I'm taking it very easy today, with loads of reggae music in honor of a legend:) You can check out my tumblr(s) for post dedicated to him.

"Izabel Goulart makes it look all too easy. But, that’s far from the truth. Here she is in her best stance for Vogue Spain May 2011 issue. Styled by the great Barbara Martelo, Izabel is draped in the best of Mark Fast, Bottega Veneta and Hugo Boss. Black will never go out of style!" - via C'est La Vie

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dedication: The woman who gave me life

Dear mom,

I won't make this long because I know your attention span is short lol. We've had and continue to have our ups and downs but I can honestly say that I wouldn't know what to do if you weren't around. I continue to hope that our relationship will get better and I look forward to the days that we'll be able to hang out without getting under each others skin. Though today isn't going as planned, I'm glad to spend this moment with you and when I have a job (lol) I promise to shower you with gifts for the future mother's days to come b/c you deserve it. Of course material possessions aren't everything, it's the least I could do to give you something to remember and show that you are appreciated. All I'm really trying to say is I love you and I thank you, Happy Mother's Day

From the bottom of my heart, 


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week(end) Recap

So aside from the obvious "new hair" (protective style) I just wanted to do an updated weekly recap. Thursday was Cinco de Mayo, I hope everyone had a great little celebration. I had a couple people over and we made dinner and had a few drinks. Unfortunately I decided not to drink because I was [retaking] my ASVAB the following morning. If you want to know more about how that went (because believe me it's quite a story) I'll be making a video soon on my youtube channel talking about it. Anywho, today I had an early dinner with a few family members, I guess we were celebrating mother's day early lol. We had thai food! It was definitely long overdue for me to go to the thai restaurant because I've been craving pad thai noodles and the works for quite some time now lol. If you've never had thai food, I'd definitely recommend it. After dinner, on our way home, we got into a very heated discussion which (to me) turned into an attack on me. My grandmother and aunt made the statement "people who get tattoos and piercings are unhappy with themselves," I didn't take this lightly at all. I was very offended and felt the need to stand up for my generation (because the conversation later lead to this age generation and our music, style, choices, etc). What are your opinions on body modifications and what not? I think I'll be making a video about this as well. Anywho, no more debbie downer, I hope everyone is having a great week(end) and I wish all the mother's out there a very special happy mother's day.

P.S. I wanted to watch the fight today but things didn't go as planned, boo for me. I hope Pacman wins!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lisa Eldridge: Make Up

This post is definitely long overdue! I had been thinking about what I wanted to write along with the videos but honestly, they both speak for themselves. I've never been into makeup up until about 6 months ago when I decided to play with it a little. Watching Lisa Eldridge (who might I add, is one of my favorite people to watch on youtube) and seeing how amazing she is at her job makes me love the art of makeup. I love the craftsmanship that goes into making a face stand out. Packaging has become something I definitely enjoy about makeup, I like to see different line collections and the work they've put into the outside (as well as the inside). So, without further adieu, here are Lisa Eldridge and Madeleine Marsh chatting about vintage collections from the Victorian Era to the 1930s and from 1940s to the 1970s. These videos are outstanding and filled with loads of interesting bits and bobs/ information. Enjoy

For more of Lisa Eldridge, her website is:
and her youtube channel is: