Monday, February 28, 2011

I came. I saw. I conquered !!

 || WDYWT: H&M Divided stripped crop shirt & belt - Wet Seal skull scarf - F21 necklace - Girl Props earrings - Jessica Simpson Dany Pumps ||

So around the 28th of January I decided to braid my hair up and leave it in for AT LEAST a month. The last time I braided my hair I barely had it in for 3 weeks, I just couldn't take it lol. This time I was eager to keeping them in just to give my hair a break. I think this will be my last time braiding my hair though. My next protective hairstyles will be sew in's because I find them to be a lot more manageable than these braids (especially when they begin to look old). Anywho, I'm officially taking these braids out tomorrow and giving myself a huge pat on the back for making it to a month. I'd go for one more month but I'd rather go back to wearing hats everyday haha.

Buh-bye braid head. I'll definitely be setting more mini hair goals for myself til I ultimately meet the biggest goal, of being at least APL (arm pit length) and all nat-ur-al lol. I think my next mini goal will be growing about 3 inches in the next 2 1/2- 3 months. We'll see.