Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strawberry Fields

Today was a very good sunday. My mom and I went to this quaint little place called Ruson. It's a Japanese restuarant, very similar to Samurai & Benihana. The good was good, the prices were no different (we were told it was cheaper lol). After brunch, my mother got a pedicure and then we did a little shopping. I only bought two dresses, but I'm very satisfied because they were very inexpensive. Before we ended the day, we stopped by a field that lets you pick your own strawberries (amongst other fruits & veggies). So yes, my mom and I picked our own strawberries. Very cheap, 2 pounds only rang up to about 2 bucks and some change. I had a really nice day. My outfit was fairly casual, just wanted to have fun with two colors (orange and blue) but keep it really casual.  Unfortunately, since I wasn't aware that any of this would take place, I didn't have my camera with me. Just my crappy digital and my blackberry lol. So enjoy the photos from my phone and my point & shoot ^_^

|| WDYWT: F21 bowler hat & plaid shirt - H&M belt & jeans - Michael Antonio wedges - jewelry from ASOS & local street venders - Mulberry by Target purse (not shown) ||

(my mom's food)

(Shrimp Tempura)

(tomato field)

(chilling at the nail salon waiting for my mom's nails to dry)
(still not comfortable with my hair length, so I wore a bowler, but I took it off just for you all haha)

So all in all my day was swell. Hope you had a great day as well, I'm off to eat my strawberries and watch the tele.


Dee O. said...

I LOVE that bowler hat!! I've been looking for one just like it!


Sabine Oh. said...

Thank you ^_^

Froso M. said...

Your look is great, I particularly love the shoes!

Froso from Style Nirvana.

Serah Alabi ♥ said...

super Blog :D

hugh serah

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Super FIERCE! You have a lovely blog :)

Julie Iliana said...

love this outfit! ;) and you gave me the greatest idea! strawberry picking!