Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back at it.

So technically this is my first post. In actuality, I've made numerous posts and just decided to delete them and start completely over. New URL, new heading, new posts.

I never truly got along with blogspot ::wompwomp:: but I'm giving it a second chance, simply because there are SO many blogs on here that I adore. I must admit, though, I've become a blogging junkie. I have tons of blogs (2 on tumblr, 1 wordpress, and this one). I'm just trying to decide which one I like best. I tend to gravitate toward tumblr because of how user friendly it is but bleh, I'm getting off topic.

So I'm welcoming myself back to good ol' blogger, this is where I started. Wish me luck.

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ABIGAIL NY said...

Welcome back to blogging!