Thursday, February 24, 2011

REVIEW: Clarisonic Pro

We've all seen this baby, right? Indeed, but as many reviews as there is on it I'm here to give my personal opinion anyway :)

First I'll start with a few quick facts about my Clarisonic Pro:
  • It was approximately $200 (I'm not sure of the exact dollar amount because I received it as a gift from my grandmother)
  • It came with the handle, a brush head, the charging cradle, three sample size Clarisonic cleansers, and a user guide.
  • It has and on/off button as well as three power levels (low, normal, and high) that are shown by the two indictors on the front of the handle.
  • The back of the handle tells you when it is fully charged or needs to be charged.
  • The bristles in the middle of the brush oscillate back and forth at a sonic frequency (300 movements per second) which helps cleanse the pores.

Okay, enough of the dermatologist talk, on to my opinion lol. . .

First things first, I enjoy this skin care product. I DO think it is a bit pricey but if you have the money for it and you've done your research on it, I recommend it. It is very gentle on the skin and leaves the skin extremely soft after you rinse. I found the user guide to be extremely helpful. I was instructed on how to use it by my dermatologist but I like to make sure I'm doing things right and read about other features that may have gone unnoticed (like changing the speed and the cleansing timer).

It's pretty lightweight so that's no hassle. It is also a decent travel size, the charger is a bit "bigger" for travel but it's definitely not a big deal. I had a bit of struggle removing my brush to clean it, but that's just me being typical me, it's simple. I love that it is waterproof because I tend to be a little messy when I'm using it, the charger isn't waterproof however so don't test it out in any water situation lol.

The bristles are very stimulating. The inside row of bristles vibrate simultaneously to open and clean the pores, while the outer bristles remain still, which in that case you should be moving the brush around your face. As for the three cleaners they provided, I've only used two (so far). I started with the nourishing care cleanser for normal/ dry skin but I didn't like it. I felt like it left my face dryer than I started out. So I decided to switch to the gentle hydro cleanser for all/ sensitive skin and I absolutely loved it. It left my skin feeling baby smooth and it smelled nice. I definitely want to purchase a full size of that one. The third one is called the refreshing gel cleanser for normal/ oily skin, which I have not tried out yet but I plan to. I don't want to switch just yet because my skin is loving the hydro cleanser a lot right now lol.

* Tips:
  • I suggest rinsing your face with water before and after you use the brush.
  • Apply a dab of your face wash cleaner around your face as well as on the brush.
  • Run a few drops of water on the brush once you put your face wash cleaner on it.
  • Plan out which direction you want to wash your face. I start with my forehead, nose chin, and then my cheeks. Since there is a timer, it tends to go by really fast so in order for me to get the best of the time I like the direction that I use the brush to flow smoothly.
  • Use twice if you feel your skin is oilier or dirtier than normal (because of things like makeup).
  • Pat your face dry instead of rubbing.
  • Apply a hydrating lotion just to keep your skin from being ashy or dry at night (or apply a decent sunblock/moisturizer if you're using it during the day).
So, I think I've covered everything, if I think of anything else I'll definitely update. Hope you enjoy :)


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