Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't step on my Blue Suede Shoes :)

                         (pardon the crappy photos, I was excited to get them uploaded and shown)

So this morning I got an email from FedEx stating my package was delivered. . . I've never jumped so fast out of bed in my life (unless, of course, I'm late for something lol). My Michael Antonio blue wedges from have arrived and I just had to make a quick post to show you all. First thoughts when I opened the box: the color is beautiful! After I inspected them a bit and tried them on, I sadly have three flaws:

1) They aren't exactly true to size. I'm originally a 7 in almost every shoe I have but I could have definitely gotten a 6.5 for them to fit better (as you can see by the slight gap in the back). I could exchange them but honestly I don't want to wait, so if I can find some half insoles to make them fit better I'll keep them.

2) For $64.99, I kind of expected them to be "made" a little better. The back seams are a bit tacky but nothing to stress over because they are still beautiful pieces for spring/ summer.

3) The bottom soles of the shoe are made of some type of soft suede type material so sadly if I wore these shoes on a rainy day or step on anything nasty, the bottom will be a disgusting mess. I also put them on, on a carpeted area and they were slippery, so I definitely have to be careful.

So yeah other than that, I'm pretty happy with my purchase. They also come in gray and red if you're interested and can be found HERE

P.S. Looking at these images, I realized these aren't the "ideal" style shoes for my legs. . . It cuts my leg and makes me look frumpy lol. I don't mind though b/c I am in love with them but I would definitely take that into consideration next time.

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