Monday, March 14, 2011

Simplicity on Sunday

Yesterday we celebrated Calle Ocho. For those who don't know what this is, it's a festival that takes place on 8th street (mainly filled with Cubans) but meant for every island/country/place . . . so Cubans, Dominicans, Jamaicans, Colombians, Nigerians, Puerto Ricans (etc) gather here, sell food, clothes, and accessories and sponsors like Power96 (a local radio station) put on a concert. Did I mention it's free? lol. The weather was beautiful !!!!! I kept my outfit simple b/c too many clothes will kill you out there haha.

|| WDYWT: F21 cardi vest, shorts, & belt - plain black tank - Steve Madden Boots - Asos spike earrings - Necklaces, bracelets, & bag from Calle Ocho - no name beanie ||

(photos of me courtesy of my friend Marilyn)
Can you believe they didn't tell me my cardi vest was all tucked in? ugh, wardrobe malfunction lol. Either way, I enjoyed myself. What did you do this weekend?

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