Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trend Alert: Color block (02)

( Rihanna -  Frida Gustavsson - Amber Rose)

This trend post is like the complete opposite to the previous trend alert I made earlier, and I think I'm more in love with this trend . . . Color blocking! It's been seen on celebrities like Rihanna and Amber and on runways like Prabal Gurung's and Peter Som's spring 2011 shows. Vibrant oranges and electric blues, popping pinks, corals, greens, and yellows. Again with figure flattering items that are not skin tight.

It almost reminds me of a mesh between the mod fashion era and the 70s. Very psychedelic color combinations (and patterns, patterns are also very very in. . . at least in my world they are lol). I think this trend is so fun for summer. Can you imagine a bright orange pair of cuffed shorts with blue heels? I know I could. I think orange is definitely the "it" color this coming summer. The color blocking trend deals with everything from hair to nails. People are definitely becoming bold with their hair colors and other people, like me, are taking the more "subtle" approach with bright nail polishes. I tend to not match my manicures to my pedicures so that is definitely working in my favor this season (currently sporting 'Tropicalia' by Wet n Wild on my fingernails and 'For Audrey' on my toenails lol). Anywho, I definitely plan on indulging in all this color. If you've seen my video(s) on youtube, I mention how I'm always wearing black (it's my go to color) but hopefully this trend can break me out of my shell a little more because I am loving it.


Idiosyncrasy, ''Mad as a hatter'' said...

its funny because i went shopping in the london today and a female shop assistant helping me try on shoes told me ''colour block is in'' so i said you don't say then she said to me but your wearing black i laughed....

...i must say that i love how rih rih rocks the colour block!

Anonymous said...

YEP!I think I will be colorblocking at least 3 days out of every week this spring/summer lol. I'm addicted to color block looks so unique how people can change it up and make it look like art.

YB* said...

Rihanna is THEE queen of style! I always love what she's wearing, except the Grammys. I really want to know she was thinking then! It looks like she had wrapped toilet paper all around her. But I guess everyone does a faux-pas once in a while!

Great post, I've got a color block post too on my blog, except it's called "70s glam"

VIVIENNE said...

super haute xx

Haute and Fierce