Sunday, April 3, 2011

Man, I feel like a woman! - Shania Twain

So, unintentionally, my mother and I have been "bonding" every sunday. Many know I never had the best of the best relationship with her but after many thing we've been through within the past year we've been working on our time with one another. Sunday, lately, just so happens to be the day we run errands and just hang out together. Today was a good day. Though the doctor told her to stay off her foot this week, she hasn't been listening haha, felt like we were everywhere today. Oh, we stopped by Marshalls today and they had soooo many wonderful scarves. I suggest you take advantage if you have one in your area, I bought a white infinity scarf for 10 bucks. Can't beat that. Before I end this post, I'd like to congratulate my cousin Max for coming in at 2nd place and making in to states in a bridge building contest that he was a part of for school. I'm proud of you sir. Hope everyone is having a great one (unfortunately I didn't have my camera again today, so no photos of what I did again lol).

|| WDYWTD: F21 headband, vest & belt, no name clutch & earrings, Qupid shoes, Dots dress ||

Just more angles of the outfit:


Julie Iliana said...

aw, you look gorgeous! :) I'm glad you and your mom are starting to bond together. I've been there too, with problems between us but I'm happy to say our relationship is restored now as well and I love hanging out with her, hehe.

have a great week!

Sabine Oh. said...

Thank you :) Glad to see people get where I'm coming from, enjoy your week :)

ChiccaStyle said...

Stunning outfit!!!You look great!

Ag said...

You look fab! I love those shoes and your legs look good!

Sabine Oh. said...

Thank you :)