Monday, April 11, 2011

Jessica Simpson Collection

So lately, well always, I've been interested in heels. . . REALLY INTERESTED! I've always liked them, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I really started purchasing them. To make a long story short, I bought a pair of JS 'Dany' pumps (inspired by Jeffrey Campbell's Lita pumps, or is it the other way around? hhrmm). They are absolutely comfortable and chic as hell, don't you agree? So anyway, I've been browsing Jessica's website on and off and I am just really falling in love. Her clothes, her shoes, her accessories. . . I really believe she has found her calling. Though some designs may seem "duplicates" of another designer, she executes it nicely. I am really happy with my new found discovery of her line. I knew she was in to fashion, I just never took the time to check out what she had to offer. I hope you're feeling her as much as I am, if you haven't checked out the site you definitely should: Jessica Simpson Collection

Below, I just took the time to show you the shoes I plan to purchase (if they're available when I start making money again, bleh lol). Aren't they all just darling ^_^

  • Black 'Tito' wedge - $59.49 (sale, originally $119.00)
  • Purple 'Cougar' slingbacks - $98.00
  •  Tan 'Beckery' peep toe - $98.00
  • Orange 'Tookie' platform - $79.00
  • Tan 'Keddar' gladiator platform - $89.00
  • Coral 'Cougar' textured slingback - not available on site (but I'm assuming they were $98.00 as well)


Mónica said...

me encantan los tacones de color naranja!! Son preciosos,

Ag said...

Tan 'Keddar' gladiator platform is the shoe I am feeling the most!!!!