Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brighter days

(Changed my shoes later on, as you can see)

Some days I feel like "standing out" whether that comes off as a negative or positive to some, I just want to. . . today was one of those days. Recently, I fell into the traps of instagram and have been abusing it so I don't have to constantly charge my Canon. So today's outfit post is brought to you by instagram and my webcam lol. It's another hot day in south florida so I wanted to wear something lightweight and breezy without being as revealing as I was the other day lol. Nothing spectacular, just something comfortable to run errands and relax in. I absolutely love these wedges (if you couldn't tell already). The fun part about fashion is revamping what you already own, so I tucked the shirt under to make it a cropped top and pulled the dress down to make it a maxi skirt (and tied the neck part around my waist like a belly chain). Creative? I think so. Hope everyone is having a great day, peace & love.

|| WDYWT: Wet Seal stripped bib top - maxi dress skirt from vendor in the Bahamas - Michael Antonio wedges ||


maphi said...

i love the outfit !!!! vehry cute xoxo

Sabine Oh. said...

Thank you :)