Friday, April 15, 2011

Easy Breezy

Today was nothing special, but I felt like being cute and comfortable lol. It was extremely hot this morning til abotu noon and then a slight drizzle was upon us lol. My outfit fit the weather til the rain began to fall, I was without a jacket or any head covering lol. My mom finally got her soft cast off but the podiatrist instructed that she keep pressure off the foot (even though she won't listen haha). I really have to stay on top of her this time about losing weight *crosses fingers that she'll listen this time.* Anywho, we had lunch at Shorty's (we've had Shorty's every Friday for the past 3 weeks lol), ran a few errands, and did some mini shopping to pick out something for her to wear tonight with her friends (it's like I'm the mother and she's the young adult haha -__-). Now I'm just home, alone. . . bored and hungry. My friend wants to come over but I don't know, he still hasn't seen my hair so I'm not too thrilled about that idea haha. Hope everyone has a great weekend, xo.

|| WDYWT: H&M jumper - F21 headband & necklace - Zigi Girl sandals ||

(mini decided to jump in the picture so I told her to say "cheeeeese" hahaha)


Dee O. said...

Lovely photo!! Your hair is so beautiful :)


Sabine Oh. said...

Thank you!!! :)

J'Adore Fashion said...

Love the jumpsuit! lovely!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Easter!


Julie Iliana said...

you look sweeet! :) I wish we had an H&M closer to miami, unless I'm really living under a rock and there is but I just haven't heard of it :S

have a lovely weekend! :)


Sabine Oh. said...

haha nope, you're not living under a rock we don't have one (YET) lol. I hate that we don't but I read that we will soon!

Renee ( said...

I heart jumpsuits. I must have 10 of them!

Mirror of Fashion said...

You're wearing such fabulous sandals. Great look!

jamie said...

wow, awesome, awesome jumpsuit! i wish i could pull one off as well as you do ;)

Sabine Oh. said...

After seeing your blog, I'm convinced that you definitely CAN pull off a jumpsuit! :)