Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seeing Double, Making Triple

             (shirt - Forever 21; Shorts - Pacific Sunwear; Sandals - Prabal Gurung for Target)

Hello wonderful people out there in bloggersphere! I have returned. . . not! lol, Just thought I'd make a quick post though. I finally have a bit of down time and I took some random photos yesterday and figured I'd come on here and post them. Nothing major. First time wearing shorts and sandals together since I moved here, it was 54 degrees (that's "warm" to these people haha). I tried to act like I agreed, but eventually get got colder and I went in and put on some sweats lol. Hope all is well with everyone, I know I say the same crap every time it seems I'm coming back, I apologize. I really haven't gotten out much. . .well enough to actually have something to talk about. I plan to start getting back at it when the weather is up to par according to MY standards. I plan to start letting you all in on my health and gym journey as well, thats become a big part of my life the past couple of months.

Welp, my movie (Bad Boys) is back on so I will catch you all later.


Sabine Oh!

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