Monday, May 27, 2013

WDWYT: Husband Edition

First and foremost, Happy memorial day. I wanted to take this brief moment to recognize, honor, and respect those who serve in are United States Armed Forces and those who have died while serving, both men and women. I appreciate you and I appreciate being a part of your team. Thank you.
(Me - in my Blues - USAF)

I was off today and so was my husband, very rare occasion of the two of us having the same day off so I took advantage of the situation. We went out for brunch at IHOP (the Mr. was craving pancakes lol) and headed out to Watertown for a little shopping. I was on the hunt for a shirt I saw at Forever 21, but sadly no luck. The shirt is not even online anymore so WOMP, that'll teach me not to wait so long to cop something. Luckily, I found some other nice pieces to feel the void lol. My husband also picked up a couple items: Levis and a polo, typical haha. I thought he looked quite cute today so I stalked him to take a photo. It was hard as hell to get him to cooperate (which he didn't) so I had to force my picture taking habits on him anyway. Successfully getting a couple decent shots, I decided to post them on here. Hopefully, he'll get a bit more used to me doing this to him and I can start getting him to make appearances on my blog more often. So without further adieu, my husband!

|| Tank: Enemy of the State Decap - Jeans: Grey Armani Exchange - Shoes: Jordan 'Citrus' 7 - Kenneth Cole watch ||

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